With Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor coming under one roof, Deepika Padukone‘s name was ought to be brought up. After all one is her present boyfriend (well at least in the public eye) and another is her ex. So instead of keeping it for the end, Karan Johar decided to address the elephant in the room in the very beginning.

No awkwardness

Just five minutes into the show and Karan launched his first question – Have your respective relationships with Deepika Padukone ever caused awkwardness between the two of you ? While Ranveer took a second to react, Ranbir jumped at the question and said they broke up some seven-eight years back and it’s history now. He said both of them have moved ahead in life and it’s high time that Koffee With Karan moved over it too. He said there is no awkwardness at all. Ranbir revealed that they often hang out as friends together. Ranveer agreed with Ranbir and said that Deepika’s past doesn’t concern him either.

Ranveer and Deepika should make babies together

Ranbir also went ahead to say that Ranveer and Deepika should make babies together!! This what the Jagga Jasoos actor said, “I’ve hung out with them. They have an amazing creative partnership on screen. And I think just beyond that just the way they are with each other, they really compliment each other well. They are in ways perfect to each others energies and I’m really happy for them. And I hope they can see this through and really make some awesome babies together. And I hope that their babies like me and I’m their favourite actor.” Ranveer’s reaction to this was not less shocking. He said, “today out of all days Ranbir has decided to say something out of line.”


Ranveer revealed that Ranbir wants to direct a film in future. He says he and Ranbir will act in it and asks Karan to produce it. When Karan says he is not interested, Ranveer convinces him by saying that he will not get this opportunity of producing a two-hero film again. Karan agrees and says he will name it Sangam. He further asks who should he cast as the actress. Ranveer proposes Deepika’s name!

Relationship Status

Having discussed about their work, the next obvious question was their relationship status. While Ranbir hesitantly agreed being single, Ranveer just zipped his lips. He said he doesn’t want to comment on it. Ranbir too got inspired by him and went on to say that it is no one’s business to know the answer and that he is not answerable to anyone. We understand Ranbir’s stand but why is Ranveer shying away from accepting his relationship with Deepika. Is all not fine between them ?

Ranveer, the perfect boyfriend

When asked about what kind of a boyfriend he is, Ranveer said he is a giver. He admitted being the best boyfriend in the world. He gives love, care, attention, affection to his lover. He says when he is in a relationship, he is either into it or not in it at all. He never gets jealous and neither does he ever get possessive. Even if he does it’s mostly for affect. On this, Ranbir asks that does he never get insecure? Ranveer asserts that he doesn’t. He further adds that all he wants from life is to work hard and go back to his woman. And there are no brownie points to discuss who this woman is.

Deepika is perfect marriage material

In the rapid fire round, when asked who among Deepika, Anushka and Katrina would he like to marry, hook up and kill – he said he will marry Deepika as she is marriage material, kill Anushka Sharma as she is mean to him for no reason at all and hook up with Katrina. When asked what will he do if he gets locked up with all these three actresses in an elevator, Ranveer said he will gossip about Ranbir

Deepika – All time favourite actress

When asked who is his favourite actress, Ranveer said Deepika is his all time favourite actress but  currently Alia Bhatt. Karan asked him that what are the drawbacks of dating an actress, Ranveer promptly said nothing. Well then what’s stopping you to make it official, Ranveer ?