in 2010, Tollywood had found their new hit pair in Jesse aka Samnatha and Karthi aka Naga Chaitanya. Sam-Chay became quite the rage among youngsters. Little did anyone know, eight years later, we would be talking about their engagement! Yes, the reel-life couple are dating for real! She admitted to being in a relationship with Naga Chaitanya in September 2016, while speaking with a leading portal . ”Chay (Naga Chaitanya) and I are in a relationship and the reason we’re not talking about marriage is because even the immediate family would know about the wedding only three months before.” She further mentioned they had their parent’s blessings and they had nothing to hide, and that they had a friendship and relationship as long as her career. Ever since the two have accepted their relationship in public, there is a sense of ease asnd comfort they share now with their fans. Especially Samantha who doesn’t shy away posting pics of her with him anymore. Nobody’s complaining about this new blossomed ‘open romance’ because when it comes to these two, one can never get enough.They are too adorable and look great together. Right from Naga Chaitanya’s birthday celebrations to attending his brother’s engagement to their dreamy trip in Maldives to decorating the Chirstmas tree together to family time, the two are already living the happy married life. Even Chaitanya recently referred to Sam as the ‘Mrs’. So they are all set! As they get engaged today, we want to show you 7 pics that prove, the two can’t wait to get married –

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya on a double date with his brother – Akhil and her girlfriend – Shriya Bhupal. It was captioned #Family. Need we say more?

Naga-Samantha-1 (2)

This was on Naga Chaitanya’s birthday. One thing is for sure – if there was an award for the couple with the best smiles, it would go them.


At a friend’s get together – Sam-Naga just kepp getting cuter and cuter

sam and Naga

This was at Akhil’s engagement. The way she looks on adoringly. Sigh. Frame this one please.


Last month of the year called for some serious Christmas tree decorating. And….


a Holiday!


The two recently took a trip to Delhi and clearly had a great time. Also, did you know Naga Chaitanya is a greak cook himself?


Regarding their wedding, all we know for now  the wedding will atke place this year. So are you ready for one of the biggest events of 2017? We bet! Stay tuned for details on the post-engagement scenes, their upcoming wedding and lots more!