Lopamudra Raut is one of the final four contestants on Bigg Boss 10. And to be honest, it comes as no surprise. She is smart, she is sassy, she knows how to create drama, she knows how to shout, she knows how to cry –  and she knows how to look pretty while doing all of it.

Lopamudra Raut came to limelight with her stints in the beauty pageant world. She has been a participant in Miss India 2013, Miss Diva 2014, and Miss United Continents 2016. And during her stay in Bigg Boss 10, she has time and again made it clear that she is enormously proud of representing India on that scale. so proud, that it sometimes might have made you face palm. In a fight with co-contestant Priyanka Jagga she boasted of being beautiful and being selected for pageants, and called out Priyanka of not even being worthy of auditions. In her defense, Priyanka did have a tendency to bring out the worst in contestants. But Lopamudra often forgot that no matter where you come from, you don’t deserve to be treated like shit, and that is why boasting about her pageant runs way too much while deeding herself was a bit tacky. Former Miss World Diana Haydon was a contestant on the show in season 2, and not once she used her title to defend herself. As a matter of fact she conducted herself in such a way that it required no boasting that she has won the title of Miss World. But the fact that she made it a point to stand up for herself, no matter what, is the silver lining of this. Many contestants chose silence over chaos. ALSO READ: Bani J, Manveer Gurjar, Manu Punjabi or Lopamudra Raut – who should be the winner of Bigg Boss 10? Vote now!

One of the greatest thing about Lopamudra Raut’s stay inside the house was that she did not need any romantic linkup to survive till the finale. And seriously that was a breath of fresh air. In majority of the previous seasons, there was always that pretty girl inside the house who got romantically involved with a male co-contestant. And Lopamudra seemed like the perfect fit for it. But proving everyone wrong, she certainly emerged as a strong independent woman!


Bani J emerged as Lopamudra’s arch enemy. Like they say “ek mayan me do talwar nai reh sakti“, the situation inside the house truly turned volatile a lot of times due to the presence of Bani and Lopa under the same roof. The two fiery divas got off on the wrong foot, and were never able to strike a chord with each other throughout the season. Numerous fights erupted between the two, and the TRPs soared high.

Lopamudra also knew when to sizzle the screen and turn the heat up. During a task she did not shy away from pole dancing for Rohan Mehra and Rahul Dev. She even stepped in the pool in a bikini in one of Bigg Boss 10’s hottest moments. In another task when she was pitted against Rohan Mehra, she even tried acting like a seductress to win over him. Remember that tijori task? Lopa certainly rocks!

Talking about pole dancing task and tijori task, Lopamudra Raut has given it her all to play the tasks and won on many occasions. She is certainly one of the contestants who have won majority of tasks give. She also won the immunity task against Bani and Mona Lisa, and that is something. Remember when she snatched the golden ring out of Manveer Gurjar’s hand? She won a freaking task against Manveer!

Lopamudra was the most well- dressed housemate hands down. On one hand we had Priyanka Jagga who would wear a flowery tiara over a dress of the tackiest shade of blue, and then there was Lopamudra – whose payjama also were quite stylish. Her love for makeup was also made fun of many times, but Lopamudra wouldn’t compromise on looking her gorgeous best.

She was a friend’s friend. She didn’t gel up to many people inside the house, except for Rohan Mehra. She stood by him through thick and thin, even when Rohan accused her of being a bad friend, she did not leave him alone. When Rohan locked himself inside the house, she stood outside the door for hours trying to talk to him and convince him to come out.

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