No wonder Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees is ruling at the theaters right now. While the box office report has already declared the film to have made close to Rs 60 crore in 3 days. We conducted a poll asking our readers to choose what’s their pick at the theaters this weekend – Raees or Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil. And man, look at the poll result! 65 percent of our readers have picked for Raees over Kaabil, clearly citing who’s winning more hearts at the theaters right now. I mean, if this is how fans are going to continue rooting for Raees, then we wouldn’t be surprised if the film hits the Rs 150 crore mark within its opening weekend. Like you never know right? People who have voted here for Raees are the same ones who belong to the thousands of fans flocking into the theaters to watch the film. So be rest assured for a Rs 100 crore if not Rs 150 crore for Raees in the next couple of days!

However, having said that, one cannot forget the reason why Kaabil is finding it difficult to match up to the Raees at the box office is because it has got lesser number of screens in comparison to Raees – to be precise just 40 percent of the overall screen count. But that doesn’t mean Kaabil is running in any kind of loss. In case you didn’t know, whatever Kaabil is earning now, is just its profit margin. Yes!

Here check out the poll result: 


If you remember, much before the release of the film, we had told you how Kaabil is already on its profit path. Producer Rakesh Roshan had EXCLUSIVELY revealed to us,“I sold the film for a lesser price to my distributors. I am the only producer who sells to individual distributors. My all India sale to distributors is not exceeding more than Rs. 42 crores. I made the film in, without counting Hrithik’s and my price, we have made the film at a budget of Rs.35 crore. Plus Rs. 15 cr on P&A. Satellite rights were sold for Rs. 50 cr, while music was sold for Rs 8 crore. Overseas went for Rs. 16 crore. It has earned more than the budget of the film by selling the satellite rights itself. Hence, Kaabil is in a very advantageous position.”

As this heated clash between Raees and Kaabil continues at the box office, what are your thoughts about both the films? Comment in the given box below and keep watching this space for more.