The date April 24 surely is an eventful one as two impeccable stars were born on this day. Sachin Tendulkar and Varun Dhawan are both established names in their respective fields. While they were born years apart, personality wise, they are quite similar. Maybe it’s the fact that they were both born on the same day or perhaps it’s their sunsign that makes them identical. Sachin and Varun, despite the gap in terms of age, stardom, fan following and much more, have quite a lot in common. So as they turn a year older today, we’ve decided to map out their similarities for you! Scroll below and check it out!

Both enjoy popularity since an early age – 

While Varun Dhawan started his career in the field of acting at the age of 25 (with Student of the Year), Sachin made a mark in the arena of cricket at the age of 11 and soon made a test debut at the age of 16. Born to be remembered, both the personalities struck goldmine with their debuts as they won hearts and continue to do so.

They are at the top of their game in their respective fields – 

Need we say more on this? Both Varun and Sachin are big stars who have carved a niche for themselves in their respective fields. While Sachin is a legend and the God of cricket, we have rising star Varun, who has always presented entertaining movies. One thing is certain, when you buy Dhawan’s film ticket, you can be sure of the fact that he won’t disappoint you.

They have a humongous fanbase – 

All cricket fanatics (including Varun) are big fans of Sachin. He is literally worshipped by everyone. Well, why wouldn’t he? Tendulkar has reached a milestone that might be difficult for others to cross! Similarly, a young Varun promises a lot of good work and probably superstardom, someday. In terms of movies, you don’t have to worry even a bit because we’ve hardly been disappointed with the actor in any of his films.

They are family oriented – 

Both the personalities value their family a lot. They are super protective of them and can go any lengths for them. We’ve actually witnessed all of this as not just Sachin but even Varun is very family oriented. While Sachin is a doting father, Varun is also quite an adorable son and brother.

They are humble beings- 

Haven’t you seen that already? Despite their stardom, both Varun and Sachin are humble af. It’s shocking considering how they have so much to be proud of. However, they are so generous, unpretentious and respectful that you’d instantly stand up and salute them!

So you see, considering they are both born on the same day, they surely have quite a lot in common! Can you find any more similarities? Tell us in the comments box below.