Shah Rukh Khan just now revealed a teaser video announcing his grand plans for the trailer launch of Raees. December 7 is the date when we will see another glimpse of this bootlegger’s life. There is a reason why people are waiting for Raees to release. For one, the man has defied age in it despite playing his age which is simply amazing. Also, the teaser was just fabulous. Since then we are just waiting for the trailer to release so that we get a fair idea of what the film will be like. This new video teased us further for December 7 when the trailer releases. (Also read: Shah Rukh Khan gives fans a perfect tease ahead of Raees trailer release)

But while everyone’s going gaga over the video, we couldn’t stop ogling at him. They say he is 51 and now we know it’s just a lie. No 51 year old can look like that. It’s a video of him sitting on a carton of alcohol bottles, promising us a grand trailer launch. But he is looking so distractingly hot, we don’t know if we have even heard a word of what he said. If you think we are exaggerating, check out these snaps of his from the video. If these doesn’t race your heart, you are a confirmed stone hearted person. (Also read: Shah Rukh Khan and Salman go next level with their bromance, will host Screen Awards)

Let’s begin with this. Shah Rukh Khan looks smokin’ in this picture with his forehead creased.

shah rukh khan 2

When was the last time you looked like this after applying kajal? Never, right? SRK looks good everytime, just saying!

shah rukh khan 3

The look of a Lion when it circles around its prey. So much character in this one look. We think it comes at a time when he perhaps has pinned his opponent down. That gaze…

shah rukh khan 4

How about having someone like SRK explaining things to you? This is how he will look.

shah rukh khan 5

Perhaps you are wondering what’s so sexy about holding glasses close to your face. It isn’t but then this is Shah Rukh Khan we are talking about. Now watch this still. Got our point?

shah rukh khan 6

Those who still aren’t convinced, here’s how you wear glasses and look dripping hot. Don’t try it, this works just for SRK.

shah rukh khan 7

Sigh! He promises to answer all our questions. So here’s one for you SRK. Will you marry me? Please say YES!

shah rukh khan 8

Then he just looks at you and you start melting even though it’s winter time.

shah rukh khan 9

Keh do na keh do na, you are my Sonia! We can be anything for you Shah Rukh if you look at us like that!

shah rukh khan 10

Ah that cute smile trying to peep out is perhaps the best thing about this snap. Shah Rukh, kill us already!

shah rukh khan 11

Last but not the least, Miyanbhai with his gears! Erm…sorry, his spoils?

shah rukh khan 12

And before we leave, here’s something for you which will make your rest of the day. We think he is saying, “I will always be there for you.” No?